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About Tattoo Tequila

Founder:John Atanasio
Year Founded:2011
Distillery Location:El Arenal, Jalisco, Mexico
Master Distiller / Blender:John Atanasio

Tattoo Tequila Essential Facts

Freshly distilled 100% organic blue agave Blanco is crystal clear with silvery highlights Aroma Fresh floral complemented by notes of citrus Taste Unadulterated agave flavors with slightly spicy palette Finish Wonderfully balanced finish that leaves you refreshed Serve Tattoo Tequila Blanco straight up, over crushed ice or in your favorite premium cocktail. Reposado is 100% Organic blue agave, rested in American oak casks for up to 6 months. Color Pale amber color with traditional bright golden appeal Aroma An assertive nose of sweet lime, orange and fresh herbs Taste Bold peppery flavor with hints of fruit that linger briefly on the palate Finish Long and creamy finish with lingering spicy finish Tattoo Tequila Reposado is ideal for sipping or added to a top-shelf Margarita or other premium mixed cocktail. Love the Skull, enjoy Tattoo Tequila responsibly.

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