What Your Favorite Fast-Food Chain Says About You

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McDonald’s or Burger King?

Do you prefer mini-burgers to full-size ones?

What’s your favorite fast food chain? When the craving hits, do you head for the border, the Golden Arches, or the King? Everyone has their fast food preference, for one reason or another. But what does your chain of choice really say about you?


You like to keep it classic, and nothing excites you more than the smell of freshly-fried French fries.

Taco Bell

You think outside the bun. You don’t care if it’s authentic Mexican food, as long as it’s covered in ooey-gooey melted cheese.

Burger King

You like to have it your way, and will fight to the death to argue that the Whopper is better than the Big Mac.


Round burgers ain’t got nothing on square ones. You’ll forever fight for your right to order chili at a fast-food joint.


You know that when it comes to deliciousness, fried chicken wins out over dinky burgers any day.

White Castle

You know that a whole lot of miniature burgers are better than one big burger. Also, you probably have the munchies.

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