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  • slice of bread
  • something fine
  • cucumber slices
  • olive
  • pepper
  • carrot

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Merry floral sandwich:

The bread is greased with something fine. Slice the cucumbers around to form a cap and bow tie.

It forms the mouth, the eyes and the rest.

Happy birthday children, happy birthday childhood!

Today, the first of June, we remember his childhood and relive his beautiful moments with the children of the present moment.

Toy showcases or districts designed for them always catch our eye and unleash our play ideas, but what about a great toy show of all centuries?

I suggest you go to Germany and pay a short visit to a childhood museum!

Located on Karlstrasse 13-15, the Toy Museum in Nuremberg, in a discreet building, well framed in the landscape and not announcing anything of what will follow, is a real gateway to time travel.

Toys, the fruit allowed to both children and us, adults, fascinate us all our lives. In front of them, age no longer matters, it doesn't even exist anymore.

The fairytale world begins with antique exhibits and miniatures of bathrooms or kitchens that fit in matchboxes, miniature carriages, docks and cars, then the miniature of a burg (sandwich or whatever) with a moment in his life.

On the next floor, the words stop instantly and once you enter the world of dolls, only the imagination communicates with reality through the eyes that look unsatisfied at the beautiful specimens from past centuries.

Toys had to be and were the ones that made the world smaller and made children behave like adults without disturbing things in the real world. Miniature sewing machines from the 19th century, mechanical toys from the beginning of their era and stuffed animals complete the decor and take you, slowly, to true masterpieces of miniaturization, shops, workshops or interiors of the houses of the time. The dishes, the shapes of the cakes, the hobs or the hearths, the bedrooms and the living rooms seem to have been only reduced to the fragile little hands that were going to rearrange them in every way.

There is no lack of roller skates, sleds, scooters and even a pair of forerunners of the famous rollers, made of wood, with two wheels and leather straps to catch the legs. Our eyes will be attracted by the lead soldier and other metals, miniatures of citizens and towns, athletes or famous people, some very similar to today's souvenirs.

The boys must rest assured that they have not been forgotten and not only the mechanical toys will be enjoyed but also various "giant" metal constructions, truck cranes, Big Wheel, obtained from DIY games, meant to develop the imagination and skill of the future " screwdrivers ”.

Cars and trains have their own area that holds many visitors for good minutes, but for them I will have another recommendation.

From the famous green frog & # 8211 Kermit follows the modern, electronic toys, the toys of the last two decades, but which are the least admired. Why?

A…. not to forget! If it's all about Nuremberg and toys, preparations have already begun for next year's biggest trade fair, which will take place between January 31 and February 4, an extra opportunity to feel like children, to feel what we are, with faces that betray the guilt of not being able to detach ourselves from the most beautiful part of our lives!

Poems about hygiene

I wash myself with soap
And with cold water.
We can't stand it, baby
It passes between the eyelashes.
But from there, sleep
He's leaving soon!
Because if I wash
They sound as lively as ten.

Friends of cleanliness

The water. hand and soap
Only three. I only parked one.
Wash the pairs first
Eyes and ears.
Wash your body halfway.
Both on the front and on the back.
Glad, toothbrush
Brush your teeth. uta.

The joking brush of without alexandru

Tableware and toothbrush:
He huts all day
And he plays, and he jokes,
You wouldn't even say it works.

Look, more of a joke,
Fly until it foams.
He grits his teeth
White clothes that hold her for a moment.
He loves them, whitens them
And the little ones grow up.
Listen to her, she's smart,
The joking brush.

friends by Dan Faur

Early in the morning,
Three friends pamper me:
Water, brush and soap.
They are all my friends, as one.

Water tells me:
Come to me
Wash you properly!
To caress you,
With soap and sponge.

Play this with the club,
Even tickling my nose.
I really like it.
Let him play
Like a meadow on the face
It's just early in the morning.

Then comes the toothbrush,
But suddenly it disappears
Where will she be?
Pai se da huta
Over the teeth, very cheerful.

Our towels de m filip

White and clean,
Next to the washer
A few towels
Butterfly easily.

Rows lined up,
On whom,
Here, colorful,
Green, yellow balls!

At the towel
The balls are red,
And the al
He has them all green

The one with four balls
White, glittering,
It's his
And he's very proud.

Green, blue balls,
We know how to count!
Our towels
We don't confuse them!

Do you like to wash?

Floricica. little flower
With a velvet cheek
And petal skirt.
Let me tell you honestly:
Do you really like to wash?
Your wonderful cooks?

If I like it?
That's good!
Ask her the rain and she'll tell you!

More kitten. zglobiu.
I would very much like to know.
Do you wash often?
Just make sure you don't fool me!

Look at my fur.
Is it clean?
Yes or no?

More duck buds
It's your snow-white pen.
Any morning
Are you kidding him?
I don't spoil it in any way!
I wash on the lake every day!

Ingredients Low Steak Beef with Two Kinds of Polenta:

  • 1.6 & # 8211 2 kg. matured beef pulp
  • 150 ml. of red wine
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 onion salads cut into large slices
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 5 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 bouquet with 4-5 rosemary branches
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • 150-200 grams of Malay
  • 50 grams of butter
  • the volume of 1 cup of hard cheese milk, finely grated (a Parmesan cheese, but I used a homemade cheese that I matured for 3 months)
  • 1 tablespoon breadcrumbs
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1-2 teaspoons of honey and pepper
  • fresh salad (I used valerianella) with sweet and sour dressing of 1 teaspoon mustard with whole grains, 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 pinch of salt

Preparation of Beef Steak over low heat with two kinds of polenta:

I chose beef because it has a meat with strong fibers, which is suitable for cooking as slowly as possible, over low heat, unlike other cutting pieces, which are recommended for fast roasting at high temperatures.

1. 1 tablespoon chopped rosemary mix with 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of paprika and 1 teaspoon of pepper. Rub the meat well with this mixture.

2. Cut the vegetables into suitable pieces and put them in a pan with thick walls, suitable for the oven (a cast iron or ceramic pan is best, with the mention that at least as well you can prepare this dish at slowcooker).

3. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large pan and quickly brown the meat on all sides (do not take more than 5-6 minutes this operation, we only aim to give a little color to the meat).

4. Place the meat on top of the vegetables in the pan and add the wine.

5. Add the bay leaves and a few rosemary leaves, then cover the jar with the lid as tightly as possible, possibly doubled with aluminum foil, and put it in the preheated oven at 140-150 degrees Celsius, where it will bake for a while. for 4 hours.

6. After the cooking time has elapsed, remove the steak from the pan and leave to cool, covered. Remember, if you let it cool completely, keep it in the fridge and serve it the next day, steamed, it will be even tastier, you can also eat it cold, instead of sausage, or make a delicious roast beef sandwich.

7. Strain the sauce through a sieve, collecting the liquid part in a saucepan. Put the sauce on low heat and let it boil until it is reduced by half, possibly, if you want, you can add some of the cooked vegetables, finely chopped, to thicken it.

7. After the sauce has reduced, I balanced its taste with honey, it is a sauce with a very robust taste of beef, wine and vegetables and it seemed to me that it needs a little sweetness to make it & # 8222 . Add salt and pepper to taste and 25 grams of butter, which you incorporate into the sauce, stirring constantly until it melts completely. Keep the sauce warm.

Basically, I'm done with the steak, it's a meat that actually melts in your mouth and that fits with any garnish, such as various purees, steamed vegetables, rice, etc. let's not forget, however, that our star is a polenta, so let's hopefully grab the facal!

Put about 700 ml on the fire. of water with 1 pinch of salt. When it boils, add the corn in the rain, stirring constantly, as you can see in the image below, I gave up the traditional facalet in favor of the pear-shaped target, which has a great quality to make any trace of cocoon disappear. small as it may be. But don't forget to turn on the oven as well, setting it at 200 degrees.

The polenta is boiled leisurely for at least 10 minutes, until it thickens and is well cooked. We don't need too much polenta this time. In the polenta add the remaining 25 grams of butter and 2/3 of the entire amount of grated cheese, possibly some ground pepper, to taste.

In a tray covered with baking paper, discs are formed from the polenta stretched with the back of the spoon in a thin layer. They are immediately put in the oven and will bake until golden brown, turning golden. Let them cool on the baking paper, only then will you be able to peel them off.

The rest of the polenta (because more than half will remain in the pan) is poured while it is still hot in a small tray (about 20 & # 21528 cm.), Well greased with oil. Allow the polenta to cool well, possibly put it in the fridge for a while.

Meanwhile, the rest of the chopped rosemary, the chopped parsley, 1 clove of crushed garlic, the breadcrumbs and the rest of the grated cheese are put together in a blender until a fine mixture is formed, with a beautiful green color.

After the polenta in the tray has cooled well, cut it into rectangles of the right size (about 10 & # 2153 cm.) Which are well greased with oil and rolled through the mixture of aromatic herbs.

The dishes thus prepared and placed in a tray lined with baking paper and bake for 15-20 minutes, until they begin to brown and the crust of aromatic herbs becomes slightly crispy.

To assemble the plate, we start by finally slicing the beef steak.

  • Put a little sauce on the plate, then about 1/2 slice of steak (I adjusted the size of the pieces of meat so that the diameter of the round polenta chips is slightly larger than that of the steak slices & # 8211 picture 1).
  • Cover with a round polenta chips, add a little sauce again, then another piece of meat and the sauce again (picture 2).
  • Add another chips, again sauce and a last piece of breadcrumbs that are covered with sauce (picture 3).

On the plate I added polenta chips with aromatic herbs and a little salad sprinkled with a sweet-sour dressing, which is meant to soften the robustness of the taste of the main dish.

With the hope that what I showed you is to your liking, I also tell you that both the steak itself and the two recipes for polenta chips can be prepared separately and joining them, although absolutely delicious, is not mandatory. I also tell you that if you decide to prepare them all together, a glass of red wine will fit perfectly. He will reveal that for today's recipe I was inspired, up to a point, by a recipe by Marco Parizzi and I will tell you the great appetite!

Health buzz with Albeena

The Remediu.ro store & # 8211 natural products store & # 8211 invites you to a contest with prizes full of vitality and energy: we gladly offer you 1 Pure raw royal jelly and 1 Albeena orange honey, picked directly from the albeena hive. The good day begins with a teaspoon of Albeena royal jelly! Albeena pure raw royal jelly is one of the exceptional bee products that nature offers us in its unaltered, raw form. Considered a complete food, a form of "living food", pure royal jelly is everything our body needs to stay in optimal health, vitality and energy. Its most valuable quality is to restore mental and physical balance, so it is strongly recommended by specialists as a natural treatment for stress and chronic fatigue.

Albeena pure raw royal jelly acts as a natural immunostimulator, adjuvant in physical and mental recovery, arthritis, osteoporosis, rickets, but also as a cellular rejuvenator - it has antioxidants that slow down aging. Many women consume it during menopause or other endocrine disorders, because it acts as a natural estrogen, but also to stimulate fertility.

"Royal jelly is indicated as a natural product for relieving stress and chronic fatigue because it is rich in vitamins, especially those in group B we have especially vitamin B5 (anti-stress vitamin) which is a powerful neurotransmitter that regulates, through the hormone adrenocorticotropic ( ACTH) produced by the pituitary gland, the steroid secretions of the adrenal glands as a reaction to stress and fatigue "said for Remediu.ro Dr. Rawhi Deme, pediatrician and researcher in the field of apitherapy, author of the book Everything about apitherapy.

You can find out more about the benefits of this exceptional bee product on Remediu.ro, a natural products store, where you have the best prices - manufacturer's price - for Albeena pure raw royal jelly. Remediu.ro offers customers over 8000 natural products, supplements, organic cosmetics, products for athletes, vitamins and minerals or medical equipment, to maintain a perfect state of health, naturally.

PARTICIPATE IN THE "ZUMZAIE DE SANATATE CU ALBEENA" CONTEST: Respond in a comment to the challenge of the whites:

Princess Cake & # 8211 Princess Cake

Princess Cake & # 8211 Prinsesstårta. A cake for girls (young and old). Pandispan, fruits (raspberries, strawberries), vanilla cream and natural whipped cream, authentic marzipan. The hemispherical shape is covered with green marzipan dome. A famous cake in Sweden, from the beginning of the last century. It was the little ones' favorite cake Princess Margaretha, Martha and Astrid, daughters Prince Carl of Sweden and Norway, Duke of Västergötland.

This cake was originally called & # 8222The green cake” (grön tårta) but, due to the fact that he was extremely loved by the little princesses, he changed his name in the Princess Cake (actually it's the princess's, in the singular, but it sounds better to me like that). You can read more here. Photo source: loejil & # 8217s Bucket.

In 1930, the recipe for this cake was first published in the cookbook signed by Jenny Åkerström (Prinsessornas Kokbok). From that moment on, the Princess Cake was taken over by the Swedish confectioneries, becoming a & # 8222classic & # 8221 of them. The structure has remained the same, the marzipan dome is traditionally decorated with a pink poppy (rose) and powdered with sugar. Marzipan color variations are accepted: pink or yellow.

Princess Cake it is also found in the bistros of the IKEA chain of stores, in small format, individual portion. A very nice approach to the concept of DIY (Do It Yourself) is the image below :). Photo source: Carl Kleiner.

I really liked the look and color of this cake & # 8211 it's really suitable for a little girl's birthday! It is delicate and elegant. What about the finesse of the composition? On my taste! It is light as a flake, airy and delicate, very pleasantly flavored with vanilla and fruit.

A simple search on Google after & # 8222prinsesstarta & # 8221 opens hundreds of images with this cute cake. What recipe should I choose? From close to close I came to the Mahtava blog (of a German woman who lives a long time in the north) & # 8211 very nice blog! Okay, so we know what we're doing! Bonus: a recipe was included in her recipe video very well made which illustrates step by step the assembly of this cake (see at the end of the recipe).

It's not hard to make a Princess Cake. I needed a countertop simple pandispan of 4 eggs (see the recipe in detail here), vanilla cream (patissiere) of 3 yolks (see here the recipe & # 8211 I made 1/2 of it), natural whipped cream for whipping, seasonal fruits (I replaced the raspberry jam in the recipe with some strawberries) and marzipan for decoration. The Princess Cake can be prepared in 2 days: in the first one, the top, the fruit jam and the vanilla cream are made and it is continued with the whipped cream, the assembly and the icing the next day (that's exactly what I did). The hemisphere shape is very easy to make with a spatula. It does not need to be mounted in pots and overturned & # 8211 is simply molded during assembly. I used a shape 22 cm in diameter.

Five reasons why you eat too much

Who doesn't want a slim, proportionate and attractive figure? Some of us have a good metabolism, which helps us to keep our body burning intense and not gain weight, while others maintain their fitness by going to the gym and trying to have a balanced and poor diet. fat. However, sometimes it happens to all of us to eat more than usual. and the scale is not long in showing us the consequences. But why is this happening to us and how can we prevent this?

You eat to combat stress

Sooner or later, the pressure you feel both at work and at home causes you to "devour" half the chocolate, even if you know how many calories it contains. Why is this happening? When you are nervous and agitated, your body secretes a larger amount of a hormone called cortisol. In response to your anxiety, the body "assumes" that it is going to be subjected to physical exertion to relieve stress, so it requires "fuel" to cope with physical activity.

Think of a few ways you can counteract the stressful situations in your life.

Maybe you take on too many responsibilities and, in this case, don't hesitate to ask those around you to help you, whether it's family or co-workers.
Apply, whenever you feel the need, a relaxation technique such as yoga or meditation. Take a walk, take a long bath with sparkling wine and listen to soothing music.
Be active. Even a five-minute walk helps reduce cortisol levels in the body.

If you are part of the category of people who do not leave anything on the plate at every meal and are comforted that they have nothing to do in this regard because they were born that way, you should think again. According to American nutrition experts, no one is born a gourmet. Eating too much is just a habit that, like other unpleasant habits, can be combated in a matter of weeks.

Give up high-fat foods and replace them with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, yogurt or lean meat. These will give you a feeling of satiety and, in addition, do not make you fat.
Avoid eating too much at a meal, better adopting the "little and often" procedure.
Use a small plate, place the cutlery on the table after each sip and chew slowly.

Digestion will be better and, most likely, you will not be hungry so soon.

TV commercials, sweets you see in the store, posters and billboards of various restaurants. if you are not careful, you will often succumb to these temptations. And it is enough to happen a few times. and your abdomen no longer looks the way you want it to!

Distract yourself - call a friend, take a bath, listen to music, read a newspaper or, if you are on the street, get away from the object of temptation as soon as possible.
Eat something light and healthy, such as a fruit. This should combat the feeling of hunger and the temptation of a juicy sandwich or chocolate.

You eat because this relaxes you

If you feel alone or angry, it is not excluded to look for relief in the refrigerator. This is all the more so as certain foods are recognized as having relaxing properties, even if only in the short term. But, in this way, you only avoid confronting your own feelings and experiences.

not to mention that you will gain weight, which, in perspective, can not make you feel better!

Try to find out why you tend to rush to the fridge when you're not even hungry. Are you bored, are you alone, dissatisfied? It is impossible not to discover a way to overcome these states. one that has nothing to do with food!
When you feel sad thoughts overwhelm you, go for a walk, open a captivating novel or a magazine. Or. hit the pillow as hard as you can!
Be lenient with yourself and allow yourself a little treat: an extended bath, with foam and scented candles, a shopping spree. a woman's imagination is inexhaustible!

If you don't get enough rest, you will soon feel very tired and, as you can't go to bed at that moment, you tend to refresh your energy resources either by drinking coffee or by consuming sweets (which you have heard are indicated in case physical exhaustion). In the long run, such a lifestyle can lead to hormonal and metabolic disorders.

For example, the level of leptin in the body (a hormone that "signals" to the brain that you have eaten enough) will decrease due to lack of sleep.

Avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine, especially in the afternoon and evening.
Before bed, take a hot bath and drink a glass of warm milk or lime tea.
Try to establish a bedtime program, which you should strictly follow.

Slimming plan with culinary pampering

Weight loss program with goodies
In seven days, you enter a healthy eating program and achieve the physical shape you want.

How it works
The weight loss equation is very simple: if you want to lose weight, eat less and consume as much as possible. We offer you a healthy eating plan, which does not lack daily pampering with chocolate or a glass of wine. The secret?

Whenever you eat that & quot something good & quot that you know you gain weight, & quotard it & quot immediately with exercise. And we are not talking here about endless hours at the gym, but about a simple increase in the current effort.

You can enjoy a pack of biscuits in peace, without the stress of the kilograms deposited, walking two kilometers, for example. The more you move, the more "food insanity" you are allowed. It is the only weight loss program in which you can eat a cake when you feel like it!

Why it is effective
Researchers say that a diet without exercise is not an effective way to lose weight in the long run. If you want to lose weight sitting quietly on the couch, you must carefully count each swallowed breadcrumbs. And the constant decrease in the amount of food leads to a gradual slowing down of the metabolism and to an increasing reduction in the number of calories, in order to maintain a constant weight.

Such a lifestyle is unacceptable. It is impossible to live your whole life without the foods you like. Do you like chocolate or do you prefer salted with beer or a glass of wine? You can enjoy your favorite foods without giving up any of the things that make your life happier and even enriching them with two more: a silhouette and an enviable shape.

Meal schedule
It is not a very strict program, you do not have to follow exactly the indicated menu or the recommended exercise, nor the time of day chosen for it. As long as the number of calories you swallow that day is equal to the number of calories you burn by exercising, the results are the same.

:: MONTHS ::
BREAKFAST: 2 slices of toast and 15 g of honey or fruit jam
MORNING SNACK: 1 banana or a digestive biscuit

LUNCH: A MIDDLE LIP FILLED WITH TUNA (a small can, in its own juice), half a hard boiled egg, lettuce (unlimited), a tomato and a cucumber (chopped), 10 olives (optional) seasoned with a teaspoon of olive oil olives, lemon juice and pepper
AFTERNOON SNACK: grapes (two handfuls of berries)
DINNER: POTATOES AND BEANS 1 medium potato, baked in shell, with 150 g of beans (boiled or preserved) and a little grated cheese, served with lettuce, half an avocado (slices) and two tablespoons of low-fat yogurt sauce
RASFAT: 20 g dark chocolate (120 calories)
EXERCISES: 14 minutes of jumping (with rope)

BREAKFAST: 2 slices of wholemeal bread with 125 ml semi-skimmed milk
MORNING SNACK: A cup of hot cocoa (coffee) with skim milk and an apple
LUNCH: SANDVIS WITH TURKEY & # 8211 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 3 slices of skinless turkey breast, 1 sliced ​​tomato, lettuce and 10 g of skimmed mayonnaise
DINNER: CHICKEN WITH VEGETABLES & # 8211 1 slice of chicken breast cut into pieces, broccoli, bell peppers, slices of carrot, chopped onion, 1-2 cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon grated ginger, hot peppers (optional). Keep on low heat, with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, a little water and two tablespoons of soy sauce. Serve with a little rice.
RASFAT: 2 glasses of white wine (180 calories)
EXERCISES: 15 minutes to vacuum, 20 minutes to iron and climb 5 floors

BREAKFAST: Fruit salad with 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt
MORNING SNACK: 2 biscuits

LUNCH: HAM SALAD, CHEESE AND AVOCADO & # 8211 Lettuce leaves and a tomato (chopped), a few slices of cucumber and onion rings, 3 slices of sliced ​​ham, a few cubes of feta cheese or cheese with mold, half a avocado (sliced). Serve with vinaigrette sauce (olive oil and balsamic vinegar).

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 mar, 1 orange
DINNER: SAUSAGES WITH PUREE & # 8211 2 sausages smothered in the oven or, better, on the grill, where all the fat drains, garnish with 3 tablespoons of mashed potatoes (prepared with skim milk)

RASFAT: One packet (30 g) of roasted hazelnuts (170 calories)
EXERCISES: 20 minutes of easy running

:: JOI ::
BREAKFAST: A bowl of muesli, with 125 ml of semi-skimmed milk
MORNING SNACK: 2 tangerines

LUNCH: STICKS WITH SMOKED SALMON & # 8211 1 baguette and 3 slices of smoked salmon, greased with a tablespoon of semi-skimmed cream cheese
AFTERNOON SNACK: 5 dried apricots

DINNER: CHICKEN WITH NEW POTATOES AND SALAD & # 8211 1 grilled chicken breast, without skin, and a handful of new french fries, served with an avocado salad, lettuce, lettuce and vinaigrette sauce, plus two glasses of wine white.
RASFAT: A muffin with jam
EXERCISE: 25 minutes of brisk walking (forced march)

Slimming plan with culinary pampering

The first 7 days are more difficult
You can apply it at home or at work. :: Easy to maintain, without unnecessary complications :: You can have an active life, without going to the gym. :: After a week you start to feel the difference.

:: FRIDAY ::
BREAKFAST: A bowl of muesli (unsweetened) with 125 ml of semi-skimmed milk

LUNCH: BEAN SALAD WITH WHOLE BREAD & # 8211 150 g beans (boiled or canned), with two slices of wholemeal bread and vinaigrette sauce (olive oil and balsamic vinegar) or a tablespoon of semi-skimmed cheese-cream

DINNER: 2 GLASS WITH TONIC GIN AND A MEAL IN THE CITY (to know what you can order, check the table on the next page).

RASFAT: 1 cup ice cream (180 calories)
EXERCISE: 20 minutes to wipe the windows 15 minutes to walk (normal pace)

BREAKFAST: 1 croissant with jam (15 g)
MORNING SNACK: 1 cappuccino, 1 mar

LUNCH: SMOKED Mackerel Salad & # 8211 1 smoked mackerel fillet chopped and mixed with lettuce, tomato slices and onion rings, 1 chopped boiled potato and 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, seasoned with vinaigrette sauce
AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 tangerine

DINNER: LOW GRILLED FRYING (100 g) with a medium potato boiled in shell, a few beans and a teaspoon of cream cheese, where you can drink 3 small glasses of wine.
RASFAT: 1 small slice of cheesecake (250 calories)
EXERCISE: 10 minutes jumping, 25 minutes walking

:: SUNDAY ::
BREAKFAST: 2 slices of toast, with 2 thin slices of grilled bacon and ketchup (optional)
MORNING SNACK: a freshly squeezed fruit juice

LUNCH: CHICKEN FRIPTURE & # 8211 A few slices of breast, 1 leg or wings, from which you removed the skin with fat 2 small potatoes and 2 steamed carrots, 2 tablespoons of peas and broccoli

DINNER: EGG TOAST & # 8211 Boil 1 egg in shell or directly in water and eat it with 2 slices of wholemeal bread and 2 tablespoons of yogurt.
RASFAT: An ice cream or a slice of cake, as a dessert for lunch (around 350 calories)
EXERCISE: 15 minutes of easy running, one hour of laundry, plus half an hour of ironing

Correspondence between calorie intake and daily activities
You will be surprised to discover how many calories you can burn during the most common activities you carry out in the household. Wiping the windows does an hour of arm exercises at the gym. Not to mention a general cleanliness & # 8230

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in cereals with ears such as wheat, ham, barley, rye. It is a protein that is difficult to digest, thus irritating not only the digestive tract but also other organs. You may experience the above symptoms but not always. You may be sensitive to gluten but be asymptomatic.

How gluten-related diseases are triggered

When you have a healthy digestive system, undigested or partially digested food is eliminated in the feces. But when the digestive system is weakened due to unhealthy food choices, alcohol consumption, processed foods, white sugar or simply daily stress, the cop's ability to digest gluten protein becomes difficult. As a result, any of the symptoms listed above will occur due to undigested proteins floating through the bloodstream creating autoimmune reactions. On top of that, the lining of the intestinal tract is also attacked.

Like the skin on the body, this intestinal mucosa is a first line of defense in protecting the body from disease. When this mucosa ruptures, the so-called permeable bowel syndrome disease sets in (engl. leaky gut syndrome),which causes the immune system to be severely damaged and weakened.

How do you know if you have gluten intolerance.

To find out if you have gluten intolerance, you can choose between an intestinal biopsy, a stool or blood test.

If you want to apply a less invasive and more economical test, you can do & ldquo gluten challenge & rdquo. This consists of eliminating gluten from your diet for a period of 2 to 4 weeks. And then on the last day to eat only gluten. For example, breakfast may consist of cereal, or toast, for snacks use pastries and for other meals pasta. See how you feel immediately after that and the next day. If you suffer from abdominal discomfort (cramps, gas), muscle and joint pain, fatigue, irritability or difficulty concentrating, you are probably gluten sensitive and should eliminate it completely from your diet.

Mental confusion

Fog on the brain is a real problem despite the lack of information in most psychological or medical texts. Fog on the brain describes mental confusion or lack of mental clarity. People with brain fog have difficulty thinking clearly most of the time and to varying degrees. A wand in the morning, a sandwich for lunch or pasta in the evening could be the cause behind this frightening state.

Fog on the brain reduces the quality of life

"Although the medical community generally ignores brain fog, this is one of the most important symptoms," says Lawrence Wilson, a physician, on his website, DrLWilson.com. Fog on the brain is not related to depression, dementia or any other mental problem and yet it is rarely accepted as a real symptom that can help make proper diagnoses.

People could spend their entire lives in a fog on their brains, unable to concentrate, make quick connections, process information correctly, or keep up with school or work.

Gluten and fog on the brain

According to Dr. Wilson, foods containing gluten can cause reactions in the brains of people with gluten sensitivity, and this can lead to fog on the brain. What people eat affects their brains.

Food allergies can upset the sensitive balance of hormones and chemicals in the brain, resulting in problems ranging from depression to schizophrenia, according to an article on AlternativeMentalHealth.com.

Oamenii care sunt sensibili la gluten sufera adesea de absorbtie dificila, ceea ce duce la nivele scazute de substante nutritive esentiale in corp. Corpul ataca glutenul de parca acesta ar fi un invadator, ceea ce deterioreaza formatiile asemanatoare degetelor numite villi si care absorb substantele nutritive atunci cand hrana trece in intestinul subtire. Absorbtia dificila poate inhiba dezvoltarea mentala la copii si poate duce la deficiente la oameni de orice varste.

Creierul are nevoie de o varietate de substante nutritive pentru a fi sanatos. Vitamine, minerale, proteine, amidon si grasimi sanatoase sunt cu toate necesare pentru o functionare optima a creierului. Potrivit DrLWilson.com, unele dintre cele mai importante substantel nutritive includ:

&bull vitaminele B, in special B6 and B12
&bull Calciu
&bull Colina
&bull Crom
&bull Iod
&bull Magneziu
&bull Acizi grasi Omega-3
&bull Seleniu
&bull Tiamina
&bull Vitamina D
&bull Zinc

Aceste substante nutritive se gasesc intr-o gama larga de alimente, dintre care s-ar putea sa nu fie digerate normal datorita vatamarii intestinale cauzate de consumul glutenului. Lipsa acestor substante nutritive poate cauza ceata pe creier, potrivit Dr.LWilson.com.

Consumul de gluten, chiar in cantitati mici, activeaza sistemul imunitar. Simptomele par sa se raspandeasca de la intestine in intreg corpul, inclusiv la creier, potrivit unui articol de pe DrKaslow.com, site-ul lui Jeremy E. Kaslow, specialist in medicina.

Evitarea glutenului

Oamenii ar putea manca glutenul fara sa stie ca propriile lor corpuri sufera. Reactiile alergice adesea cauzeaza umflarea si inflamarea. Din nefericire, inflamarea in zona stomacului datorita unei reactii alergice nu este la fel de usor de detectat ca umflarea locala datorita unei intepaturi de albina sau umflarea fetei datorita consumului de alimente la care este cineva alergic. Chiar si mai putin observabila este inflamarea creierului datorita unui raspuns alergic.

Oamenii nu pot simti tesutul cerebral tesutul nu este proiectat pentru a alerta oamenii in legatura cu problemele, utilizand semne precum mancarime, durere sau umflarea zonelor corporale, pe care oamenii le pot simiti in alte parti ale corpului, potrivit DrKaslow.com.

Solutia este de a adopta o dieta care sa nu includa glutenul. Evitarea glutenului imbunatateste capacitatea cognitiva, ridica ceata de pe creier, astfel incat oamenii pot gandi mai clar. Renuntarea la gluten s-a demonstrat a stabiliza starea de spirit, imbunatateste notele, sporeste abilitatile motorii, promoveaza invatarea mai rapida, imbunatateste concentrarea si elimina ceata de pe creier, potrivit DrKaslow.com

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Ridichea uriașă

Într-un sat frumos şi bogat, într-o căsuţă cochetă, cu o grădină mică de zarzavaturi, trăia un ţăran bătrân împreună cu băbuţa lui, cu nepoţica, un căţel şi o pisică. Odată, bătrânul a semănat în grădină legume, printre care şi ridichi. Într-o dimineaţă, pe când s-a dus în grădina de zarzavat, a băgat de seamă că una dintre ridichi a crescut foarte mare, roşioară şi frumoasă.

Pe zi ce trecea, ridichea se făcea tot mai mare şi mai mare, încât privind-o moşneagul gândea: din ridichea aceasta vom mânca cu toţii o săptămână. S-a apropiat de ea şi a început să tragă. Dar ridichea stătea înfiptă în pământ, nu voia să clintească şi atunci moşneagul a chemat băbuţa în ajutor.

-Babă, babă, vino să-mi ajuţi să scot ridichea!
A venit baba, l-a prins pe moş de mijloc, moşul a prins de frunzele ridichii şi au început să tragă, dar ridichea nu se mişca din loc.

Bunica a început să îşi strige nepoata:
-Vino,nepoată, să ne ajuţi!Ridichea asta este uriaşă şi tare încăpăţânată!
Nepoata a venit iute şi s-a apucat de mijlocul babei, baba de moş şi moşul de frunzele ridichii au început să tragă cu nădejde, dar uriaşa nici gând să se clinteasca din loc.

Atunci fetiţa s-a gândit la prietenul ei, căţelul cel jucăuş şi neastâmpărat. Acesta a venit iute- iute, dorind să fie de ajutor, dar tot nu au reuşit.
În curte nu mai erau decât pisica, aşa că au chemat-o şi pe ea. Pisicuţa a lăsat joaca şi s-a dus repede în grădină să-i ajute, că doar făcea parte din familie. Nici de data aceasta ridichea nu s-a clintit din loc.

Atunci pisicuţa şi-a aminti că un şoricel îşi făcuse căsuţa în peretele casei, aşa că l-a strigat şi pe el şi l-au rugat să le vină în ajutor.
– Şoricel mititel, ştiu că te-am alergat de atâtea ori, dar acum avem nevoie de ajutorul tău.
Acesta s-a gândit bine, apoi a venit şi el în grădină, s-a prins de coada pisicii, pisica de căţel, căţelul de fetiţă, fetiţa de babă, baba de moş şi moşul de frunzele ridichii şi au tras cu nădejde, iar ridichea a început să se mişte şi până la urmă i-au venit de hac.

S-au bucurat cu toţii că au izbutit să scoată ridichea, iar pentru că au muncit cu toţii, au mâncat cu toţii din ridiche şi au petrecut împreună.

Vrăjitorul din Oz

Dorothy era o fetiţă orfană, care locuia la ferma mătuşii sale din Kansas, iar cel mai bun prieten al ei era un căţeluş pe nume Toto. Într-o zi, o tornadă stârnită din senin luă casa pe sus şi o duse hăt departe! După o vreme, casa căzu într-un tărâm fermecat, numit Oz. Din fericire, în afară de o sperietură straşnică, nici Dorothy şi nici Toto nu păţiră nimic.
O femeie prietenoasă, apărută ca din senin, îi spuse fetiţei:

— Numele meu e Glinda şi sunt Vrăjitoarea cea Bună de la Miazăzi. Şi mai află că, prăbuşindu-se pe pământ, casa ta a omorât-o pe Vrăjitoarea cea Rea de la Răsărit. Pentru asta îţi suntem cu toţii recunoscători şi, în semn de pretuire, îţi dăruim pantofii ei fermecaţi.

— Îti mulţumesc din suflet, îi răspunse Dorothy, dar după ce voi vizita locurile acestea minunate, Glinda o sfătui pe fetiţă să urmeze drumul pietruit cu dale galbene, care ducea in Oraşul Smaraldelor. Acolo, îi mai spusese ea, i-ar fi putut cere ajutor Marelui Vrăjitor din Oz.

Fără să mai zăbovească o clipă, Dorothy şi Toto porniră la drum. Aşa ajunseră să-i întâlnească pe Omul de Paie, pe Omul de Tinichea şi pe Leul cel Fricos. Fiecare dintre ei nădăjduia să primească de la marele vrăjitor ceea ce îi lipsea: Omul de Paie, ceva minte, Omul de Tinichea, o inimă, iar Leul cel Fricos, un dram de curaj!
Cum ajunseră în Oraşul Smaraldelor, Vrăjitorul din Oz le spuse:

— Întâi de toate trebuie s-o ucideţi pe Vrăjitoarea cea Rea de la Apus!
Numai că, în drum spre castelul vrăjitoarei, maimuţele ei înaripate o răpiră pe Dorothy. Atunci când prietenii fetiţei reuşiră să o găsească, vrăjitoarea încercă să-i sperie şi îi dădu foc Omului de Paie. Acesta avu însă noroc cu Dorothy, care aruncă pe el o găleată de apă. Dar apa aceea o scăldă din cap până în picioare şi pe vrăjitoare, iar aceasta se topi pe dată!

Pentru că i-au scăpat de vrăjitoarea cea rea, Vrăjitorul din Oz îi dărui Omului de Paie minte, Omului de Tinichea o inimă, iar Leului cel Fricos, pentru curajul arătat, o medalie grozavă.
Şi tocmai când Dorothy se pregătea să urce în nacela balonului cu aer cald al Vrăjitorului din Oz, pentru a se întoarce acasă, o rafală de vânt smulse balonul cu vrăjitor cu tot, pierzându-l în depărtări! Sărmana Dorothy! Cum o să mai ajungă ea acasă?

Deodată, se ivi Vrăjitoarea cea Bună de la Miazăzi. Ea îi aduse aminte fetiţei de pantofii fermecaţi, cu care fusese încălţată tot timpul:
— Bate din ei de trei ori!
Dorothy îl luă pe Toto în braţe şi bătu din pantofi, precum o sfătuise vrăjitoarea. Şi, într-o clipă, se şi trezi la ea acasă!

Jack și vrejul de Fasole

Din colecția de povești vesele nu putea lipsi Jack, cu umorul și strategiile stângace de a pune mâna pe banii Căpcăunului.

Se zice că Jack și mama lui trăiau într-o casă micuță, la marginea unui oraș. Mama cosea cât era ziua de lungă, să facă rost de câțiva bani în plus pentru familie, iar Jack îngrijea văcuța pe care o aveau și grădina cu zarzavaturi din spatele casei.

Ei bine, după o iarnă lungă, Jack își dădu seama că nu mai au cu ce să își hrănească vaca, așa că îi spuse mamei cu tristețe:
– Trebuie să vindem vaca, nu mai avem nici măcar un fir de iarbă pentru ea.
– Offf, Jack… îmi pare rău… ai dreptate, trebuie să o duci la târg. Dar ai grijă să o vinzi cu un preț bun, îi răspunse mama.

Zis și făcut. Băiatul porni spre târg și, cum mergea cu văcuța la pas, în cale îi ieși un bătrânel slab, cu haine cam sărăcăcioase, care îl întrebă:
– Unde duci vaca asta, băiete?
– O duc la târg să o vând, căci nu avem cu ce să o hrănim.
– Dacă îmi dai mie vaca, îţi ofer în schimb câteva boabe de fasole fermecate. Ai încredere în mine și vei scăpa de grija banilor de acum înainte.

După câteva momente de gândire, Jack acceptă şi se întoarse acasă cu boabele magice.
– Ce ai facut, băiete? Cum să dai văcuța pe niște boabe de fasole? Spuse mama suparată și aruncă boabele pe fereastră. Sigur bătrânul acela te-a păcalit!
Ei bine, dis de dimineață, Jack deschise ochii și ce credeți că văzu? Spre mirarea lui, geamul de la camera sa era acoperit cu o plantă ciudată care se înălța până dincolo de nori. Nu-i venea să creadă ochilor!

Se pare că, peste noapte, boabele de fasole se transformaseră într-un vrej atât de înalt încât nu îi puteai zări capătul, așa că Jack își luă inima în dinți și se cățără pe tulpină. Dupa ce urcă timp de vreo oră, în fața lui apăru un palat mare, întunecos, cu ziduri de piatră. Nu părea că e locuit de un om bun, cum era mama lui, dar Jack se gândi să încerce ușa de la intrare, că tare foame îi era și spera că va găsi ceva pe-acolo.

– Cioc, cioc, e cineva acasă? Mă întreb dacă se poate să îmi dați ceva de mâncare pentru că nu am apucat să mănânc micul-dejun, spuse Jack. Am plecat în grabă de acasă…
În timp ce rostea cu voce tare aceste gânduri, din palat ieși o femeie.
– Bună, micuțule. Ți-aș oferi cu plăcere ceva de mâncare, dar îmi este frică să nu te găsească Uriașul care trăiește în acest palat, că sigur te mănâncă.

Nici nu termină bine de rostit aceste cuvinte, că se auzi un Buuuuum! Deodată, totul se cutremură. Uriaşul cobora scările.
– Fugi repede în cămara aceasta, spuse femeia, în timp ce îl împingea pe Jack în magazia cu mâncare.
– Feee-fiii-foo-fuuum! Aici miroase a carne de om! Cine a îndrăznit să intre în casa mea? întrebă nervos Uriașul.
– Nu a intrat nimeni, spuse femeia, așa miroase mâncarea pe care ți-am pregătit-o! Hai, așează-te la masă și nu mai căuta în toate colțurile camerei, că nu o să găsești nimic.

Așa că Uriașul se așeză la masă și începu să mănânce cu poftă câteva pulpe întregi de vacă, două gâște, un curcan și un porc întreg. Apoi goli un butoi cu vin și îi ceru femeii să îi aducă sacul cu bani ca să îi numere. Da, era un fel de obișnuință a lui să își numere banii și să se laude cu averea pe care o are. Nici nu vă pot spune cât de multe monede de aur erau în acel sac! Ce să mai…

Uriașul era tare bogat!
Imediat după ce i-a numărat, Uriașul a adormit fericit, chiar în acel loc era foarte obosit după cât de mult mancase. În acest timp, Jack ieși tiptil din ascunzătoare, luă câteva monede, o gâscă ce făcea ouă de aur și o harpă care știa să cânte singură, le puse într-un sac și alergă spre ieșire. Dar chiar în momentul în care trecu pragul, sacul se lovi de ușă și aceasta începu să scarțâie, iar uriașul se trezi.

– Cine e hoțul care a îndrăznit să îmi fure banii? țipă el în timp ce alerga să găsească vinovatul.
Dar Jack se gândise deja la asta și îi legase șireturile de la pantofi, așa că reuși să ajungă înaintea Uriașului la vrejul de fasole și să alunece repede pe el, spre casă.
În timpul acesta, mama lui Jack îl căutase toată dimineața și era îngrijorată că nu știa unde dispăruse. Dintr-o dată, ea auzi că cineva o strigă de sus, dinspre cer, și îl zări pe Jack coborând de pe vrejul de fasole cu un sac mare și greu.

– Repede, mamă, adu un topor! Trebuie să tăiem vrejul!
Zis și făcut. Mama alergă cu un topor și îl ajută pe Jack să taie planta, fix în momentul în care Uriașul cobora nervos în urma băiatului. Degeaba a încercat să se salveze, că a căzut de la ditamai înalțimea, direct în curtea căsuței lui Jack și a mamei lui, iar în locul în care a căzut s-a format o groapă uriașă.

– Să nu mai pleci fără să mă anunți, spuse mama, în sfârșit liniștită că își putea îmbrătișa băiatul.
Așa cum vă puteți imagina, din acel moment mama și Jack nu au mai dus grija banilor. Ba mai mult, și-au ajutat și vecinii să ducă o viață mai bună.

Prințesa și bobul de mazăre (Hans Christian Andersen)

Era odată un prinţ şi prinţul acela voia să se însoare cu o prinţesă, dar cu o prinţesă adevărată. Şi a cutreierat toată lumea ca să găsească una pe placul lui şi tot n-a găsit. Prinţese erau destule, dar el nu putea să ştie dacă erau cu adevărat prinţese, fiindcă tuturora le lipsea câte ceva. Şi prinţul s-a întors iar acasă şi era foarte necăjit, pentru că tare ar fi vrut să găsească o prinţesă adevărată.

Într-o seară, tocmai se stârnise o furtună cumplită, tuna şi fulgera şi ploua cu găleata era o vreme îngrozitoare. Deodată s-a auzit cum bate cineva la poarta oraşului şi regele, tatăl prinţului, s-a dus să deschidă. La poartă era o prinţesă. Vai, dar în ce hal era din pricina ploii şi a vremii rele! Apa îi curgea şiroaie pe păr şi pe haine şi îi intra în pantofi pe la vârfuri şi ţâşnea înapoi pe la călcâie. Dar zicea că-i prinţesă adevărată.

– Bine, las’ că vedem noi îndată! s-a gândit regina, dar n-a spus nimic s-a dus în odaia de culcare, a luat toate saltelele din pat şi a pus pe scândurile patului o boabă de mazăre. Pe urmă a pus peste mazăre douăzeci de saltele de lână şi pe saltele douăzeci de perne mari de puf. Aici s-a culcat prinţesa. Dimineaţa au întrebat-o cum a dormit.

– Groaznic de prost! a răspuns prinţesa. Toată noaptea n-am închis ochii. Dumnezeu ştie ce a fost în pat! Am şezut pe ceva tare şi acuma-s toată numai vânătăi! Groaznic!
Şi atunci au văzut cu toţii că era o prinţesă adevărată, dacă a simţit ea o boabă de mazăre prin douăzeci de saltele şi douăzeci de perne de puf. Aşa de gingaşă la piele nu putea să fie decât numai o prinţesă!

Şi prinţul a luat-o de nevastă, fiindcă acum ştia hotărât că asta-i prinţesă adevărată iar boaba de mazăre au pus-o în odaia unde erau bijuteriile coroanei şi se mai poate vedea acolo şi astăzi dacă n-o fi luat-o careva. Şi asta să ştiţi că-i o poveste adevărată!

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