KFC’s Latest Colonel Sanders Is Comedian and Hot Pocket Enthusiast Jim Gaffigan

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Jim Gaffigan, the comedian who has written a memoir about his relationship with food, is the new face of KFC

On Super Bowl Sunday, a new Colonel Sanders was born.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is the latest famous face to take over the role of Colonel Sanders, an honor that, since the Colonel’s resurrection last May, has also gone to Darrell Hammond and Norm MacDonald.

As the newly appointed face of KFC, Gaffigan made his debut during Super Bowl 50 pregame broadcast, in a short commercial where Gaffigan has a nightmare about a “fake Colonel” (MacDonald), but wakes up in time to promote the chain’s latest menu addition, Nashville Hot Chicken.

Gaffigan, who has talked often about his love of food in his standup, has previously admitted to lying to his kids about food in order to eat what he wants (“Have you ever told [your kids] something’s spicy when it’s not spicy?”), and has even “eaten a bagel outside so I didn’t have to share it.” He also doesn’t think that restaurant recommendations from thin people should be taken seriously. “Overweight people have chosen food over appearance,” Gaffigan explained in his book, Food: A Love Story. “When a fat person talks about a great place to get a burger, I lean in.”

Watch the video: KFC Nashville Hot Chicken TV Spot, Strike Featuring Jim Gaffigan iSpot tv


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